Saturday, 17 November 2012


Last weekend my small girl asked me to sew some shorts.

I'm told they are the perfect cartwheeling and cricket playing variety of shorts.

I just thought they were super cute - especially with the red bows on the side hem.

When did she get so big and grown up?

Friday, 16 November 2012

Life as we know it

I love Jodie's blog.
I could spend many hours reading blogs but sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming looking at perfect spaces from super creative people who are so productive. Sigh!
Yeah for Jodie being messy - I only wish I could maintain the tidy spaces others seem to manage.
No blog posts for ages from me as we've been away having lovely family time -
and it was wonderful.

My sweet husband decided to have a mad year by working his normal job,
taking on some sessional uni lecturing and completing his honours thesis.
Reading that makes me feel exhausted!!

We hadn't seen him much, so time away together was overdue.

Vanuatu was spot on. 4 islands in 3 weeks. 

I have even managed some sewing since we've been back as our small reno is finally
complete so I no longer have huge amounts of stuff in the way
of my sewing machine.

Pics coming.

Friday, 17 August 2012

The kind of craft you can eat

The small girl had her school concert this week.

Evie's year level did a great job of Seussical.
The baby elephant bird was excellent
(and I may be am definitely very biased with my review)

3 cheers for school.

It was another grand performance - thanks BNPS.
To congratulate the kids in Evie's class,
 I made them a book...... 

out of cake!!
What is there not to love about an edible book?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Epic pattern fail

So, it's been ages since I last posted. I have officially been in a "craft funk". 

I'm blaming the slippers. 

Have you ever tried a pattern and known deep down that it wasn't going to work....
however, you push on, using up precious crafting time, fabric and brain cells and think 
somehow, miraculously, it will be ok, surely they'll work - the pattern is in a book after all.

They weren't. 

I completely had a spaz - and that was only after the left foot!!!

So now I find myself in August and the only thing I have made in the last 7 weeks
has been Evie's school concert costume (and that is a baby elephant bird).

I went out and bought some slippers so now I can put the whole episode out of mind
and get on with some more sewing. Phew!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Crap - I've done it again!!

So, I decided to surprise my Mum for her birthday.
Cue lots of last minute sewing: 1 hour bag for Mum courtesy of Jodie's pattern,
Squirrel tea pot cosy for my lovely Aunty Carlene from the Zakka sewing book
along with an upcycled tea pot rest and some coasters.
Finally, the cutest hairclip holder for my cousin Lydia (found here) which I thought was going to be really tricky but sewed up in no time.

And what did I do - you guessed it.......Not one photo. 


I am officially an idiot!

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Yes it's true - I have been a complete slacker.
Here are the pics from last weekends craft outing.

Just don't look to closely at my wonky binding.

Or the very wonky flowers on the blue centre.

Look at who that is - my small girl when she was much smaller (about 6 years ago)!!
Gotta love that concentration - one of my favourite pics.

Still, I'm very happy overall with my sewing efforts.
Now just to make a couple more - and master the art of binding.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bliss and bubbles

So I must confess - I had a marvelous day yesterday and discovered that many 
glasses of bubbly while sewing is not conducive to good binding.

But as you can imagine, it was fun testing the theory and finding that out.

I was lucky enough to nab a spot at the Mill Rose Bernina launch day yesterday - 
and it was fantastic. I had a ball making a wonderful photo album/clutch 
(which I don't have any photos of yet but coming soon)

Mill Rose is THE loveliest spot to visit. The fabric is inspirational,
the food at the cafe is sublime and Sue and her team are simply wonderful 
(thank you very much for the gorgeous fabric selection for our project yesterday).

A big thank you to my sweet husband for the leave pass and kid wrangling duty.