Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Crap - I've done it again!!

So, I decided to surprise my Mum for her birthday.
Cue lots of last minute sewing: 1 hour bag for Mum courtesy of Jodie's pattern,
Squirrel tea pot cosy for my lovely Aunty Carlene from the Zakka sewing book
along with an upcycled tea pot rest and some coasters.
Finally, the cutest hairclip holder for my cousin Lydia (found here) which I thought was going to be really tricky but sewed up in no time.

And what did I do - you guessed it.......Not one photo. 


I am officially an idiot!


  1. OH MY GOD!! At least you hand delivered them...But...OH MY GOD!! Ness, Ness, Ness....

  2. hahaha, I went to the Spa Quilters Show last weekend and didn't even take my camera !!!
    Join the club.